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Another Protoype of a Recycled plastic garden bench

Recycled plastic garden bench prototype 1.

Recycled plastic chair prototype 1

Some Facts About Recycled Plastic

The process of recycling plastic can be perplexing. In essense all plastics can be recycled. But there are many barriers involved.

Recycled Plastic Products cn be made from plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles At Landfill Sites

The recycling of plastic can cause frustration amongst people. As plastic is abundant in our daily lives. The vast majority of plastic comes from fossil fuels. Therefore the manufacture and potiential use of recycled plastic for recycled plastic products is of upmost importance.

The facts about recycled plastic.

Compared to other materials. Plastic has the lowest national percentage for recycling. In comparison to waste paper, glass and metals. The main reason for the low recycling rates of plastic is due the processing and sorting being complex.

Shopping bags already have a large market in the recycling industry with good reason. Im sure you have all been asked by the checkout assistant at your local supermarket, whether you want plastic or a ‘bag for life’.

No plastic bottle tops and lids get recycled. If a lid is still attached to an empty plastic bottle it makes it even harder to sort for recycling. As the plastic is compressed, the lid can make it harder for the plastic to become flat.

Recycled plastic lumber (the raw material) can be made into a variety of products such as tables, chairs, benches, compost tumblers, fencing. The list goes on.

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Some prototypes of our products
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Recycled plastic planter prototype 3.
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Recycled plastic planter prototype 2.
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Recycled plastic planter prototype 1
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Recycled Plastic Articles
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